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Professional water misting and evaporative cooling service you can count on!

IMG_0161Water is forced by high pressure (800-1000 psi) thru tiny orifices in specially
designed nozzles. When the tiny particles of water (less than 10 microns) contact the high temperature outside, flash evaporation is created. This can achieve maximum cooling without wetting or residual moisture being left behind and reducing the temperature by up to 25* Fahrenheit. For example: if the temperature was 90* and the relative humidity was 30% the temperature would be lowered to 65*. You can also add misting fans to lower it even more.

The systems are quality manufactured systems made of stainless steel materials with high pressure pumps and sturdy housings. The systems are aesthetically pleasing and relatively similar to a pool pump in quietness. We can install several types of accessories with them including misting fans, heavy duty portable misting fans, and mosquito and fly control systems.

Enjoy your outdoor environment this summer being comfortable in the scorching Texas heat by calling Gary’s Services, Inc. and getting your Evaporative Misting System installed professionally.

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